What we deliver you as State to State Movers in Rochester, NY?

Here at TRI STATE VAN LINES, we provide various transfer services throughout the country. Whether you need a local transfer service or a commercial transfer service, we can handle the entire process to ensure that you and your family experience a stress-free and easy transfer.


We Boast the Quality of Our Moving Services

Our professional State to State Movers in Rochester, NY take the time to fully understand your moving needs. We work hard to get your trust before lifting the first box to a moving truck. With TRI STATE VAN LINES, you get more than four generations of mobile experience. So, talent to make sure everything goes smoothly is there. We are proud to do a very good job for you and your family. We know how to get things done as efficiently as possible.


We get work done as soon as possible to save your money

What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t make your steps too difficult: we make it simple. Unlike many other State to State Movers in Rochester, NY, we don’t do things just to extend your move. We are not excessive, we do not dismantle unnecessary items, and we always send accurate transfer numbers to get the job done efficiently. This level of accuracy is made possible by taking the time to fully understand your steps in advance. Our attention to detail will ensure that all your questions are answered. Giving us the information we need will help guarantee a smooth moving experience with maximum efficiency.



We Pack Everything with Care

Sculptures, artwork, grandfather clocks, heirlooms, porcelain and glassware – you name it. No matter how special or fragile your items are, our drivers can take care of them. The key to protecting your belongings is the right packaging, and we have the professional experience needed to complete the work for your peace of mind. Our professional packing services can help make your steps smooth. This makes TRI STATE VAN LINES the best State to State Movers in Rochester, NY.

We Are a Licensed Piano Mover

Pianos and large organs are a challenge for untrained and inexperienced crews. We have expert equipment, materials and drivers to safely and efficiently transport your instruments.

We Offer Additional Transfer Services to Facilitate Your Transition

We want you to feel comfortable when you settle in your new home. TRI STATE VAN LINES is always there to handle the move! We will disassemble, reinstall, and place each item for you – right where you want it to be. Our drivers will be to put carpets, hang curtains, and anything we can do for you. Think about the things you want to do while moving, and let us know! We are the most recommended State to State Movers in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to accommodate you with additional mobile services. We are easy to communicate with and we will do anything to make your steps fun!

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our moving crew are experienced, trained, and will move your belongings with utmost care and respect. However, in an unexpected event that an item was damaged, we included basic valuation insurance at no additional cost in every move we made. We also give you the opportunity to purchase full replacement insurance, which is available through a special mobile insurance company. So you can consider us as a professional State to State Movers in Rochester, NY while seeking for a reliable moving company.



Storage: Safe and Neat as a Pin.

Our climate-controlled storage facilities are safe, clean and a great solution for you if you are transitioning from one house to another. Your items are marked, inventoried, filled, and loaded in large chests until you are ready for them in your new home. TRI STATE VAN LINES provides you with full storage facilities under one roof.

Tri-State Van Lines is a professional State to State Movers in Rochester, NJ providing interstate moves and state-to-state moves. We provide relocation services for Homes and Business. We have completed hundreds of moving residential and commercial projects. We deliver the best Quality and are the most recommended movers in Jersey City NJ.

So get your FREE QUOTE Online. The quote gives you a moving estimate and you can request it by either calling us at 888-214-6653 or by filling the online form. So get your moving started by choosing Tri-State Van Lines