Avoid Moving Scams with these tips when moving across States

When you’re hiring Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY, it’s important to make sure that you’re hiring the right team for the job. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that claim to offer quality moving services, yet fall short when moving day comes. If you’re hiring movers, make sure to hire Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY that you can trust. At TRI STATE VAN LINES, we offer professional quality moving services. Check out our tips for avoiding moving scams.

Check the License

Make sure that you’re hiring legitimate Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY. Ask to check the license of the moving company you’re hiring. If they do not have a license number readily available, they are not a legitimate moving company. At TRI STATE VAN LINES, we proudly display our licenses on our website.

Get an Honest Estimate

Some moving companies lowball your moving estimate, only to bring a much higher price tag on moving day. While it is true that some prices can change on the big moving day, major price shifts are a problem. Our family movers offer honest estimates for your move. Best yet, they’re no obligation estimates, meaning you can shop around before making a choice.

Do Not Pay with Cash

Paying with a credit card helps keep your moving costs traceable. Additionally, if you have issues with your move, you’ll be able to have evidence of what you have paid. Ask for a written record of your moving costs, such as receipts and contracts. Consider purchasing additional insurance for your move. This will safe your move with Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY.

Read Reviews

Check the online reviews for the Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY that you’re looking to hire. If your mover doesn’t have any online reviews, that can mean that they’re not as legitimate as they’re saying. Look at Yelp, Google My Business, and moving company review websites. Also, check with friends and family to see if there are any movers they’d recommend.

Check the Moving Company’s Website

Does the moving company have a website? Does the website have content that is updated regularly? If not, the company may not be as legitimate as they’re saying. At TRI STATE VAN LINES, we have a website with information that is updated regularly. This includes our moving articles, which are updated often.

Talk to the Company

You can tell a lot about a moving company from a conversation with that company. Are they slick on the phone? Do they only tell you what you want to hear? If the mover sound too good to be true, they probably are. Additionally, if a company is hesitant to give you detailed information, or if they’re speaking in odd ways, they may not be legitimate. Trust your gut when you’re speaking to a potential moving company.

If you are in search of quality and Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY, contact our team. Our movers at TRI STATE VAN LINES provide reliable moving services and trustworthy customer service. Whether you’re moving locally, across the state, or around the country, we are here to provide quality moving solutions. Don’t risk your move to a moving scam.



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