Do you know about the Best Home Movers in Trenton, New Jersey?

Looking for a Home Movers in Trenton, NJ that you can count on? Well, there’s no need to search anymore. We are the TRI STATE VAN LINES moving company, available where and whenever you need us. We have committed ourselves to be the best in what we do, serving our clients in the Trenton, NJ by not only meeting their expectations, but surpassing them.

Ever get bored with something that happens over and over and think, “Geez, can I do it better”? Well, so does the team at TRI STATE VAN LINES. After seeing how some local movers treat their employees and customers, it is an easy decision to make. So we started business of Home Movers in Trenton, NJ with the idea that customer satisfaction was the number one priority. Add to that the technical experience that is expected in the world today but is rarely found in mobile industries, we hope to disrupt the way things are done. This is our most basic principle:

Integrity. There is no reason to cheat or wrong our customers.

Security. We need to protect ourselves, our customers, and our customers’ goods.

Partnership. Our customers are our partners. Collaboration is success.

Every day we try to be better. We hope you let us show you!

Packing for your moves
When it comes to packing, getting started is often the hardest part. You need to pack supplies, strategies, teams, and you have to finish everything before you can move. Most fatigued people only think about it.

We offer careful and efficient packaging services for residential and commercial movements. That is why we are recognized as the top Home Movers in Trenton, NJ. Whether you move across the city or around the world, our packaging specialists will help bring your belongings there safely and intact.

Packing Option
We can pack as little or as much as you want to help you make a smooth transition.

Complete Service Package
With our full service package option, we package all your items and prices based on total weight. Our experienced packaging uses different types of boxes depending on your items and is very efficient. With a full service package, TRI STATE VAN LINES manage full and full responsibility for your items – all included.

Fragile Package
Many people who move prefer to pack themselves but need professional help for items that are fragile and expensive. For a selection of fragile packages, our team often packs luxury furniture, plates, mirrors, and valuable artwork.

Package (Bed Only)
Some people decided to do their own packaging and look for us for our shipping and shipping expertise. In most of these self-pack movements, we as your Home Movers in Trenton, NJ encourage clients to ask us to pack beds. Our mobile team has a special box for fully insured beds. In addition, we as your  will package, disassemble, and adjust your box springs and mattresses, ensuring your first night in your new place is comfortable.

Custom Package
As with all our services, we also provide a fully customization packaging option. Just tell us what you feel comfortable to wrap yourself, and we will take care of the rest.

Safe and Flexible Storage
One characteristic of moving is goods. You have things, you have to move them, and you might not have a place to put all your things, so you need to keep them. From downsizing to distance from one place to another, there are many reasons you might need to take advantage of moving storage.

Save your belongings from day to year. TRI STATE VAN LINES team offers several options that best suit your unique needs and transfer and storage service budget.

Storage in Transit

When you are not ready to ship your items later, we will bring your belongings to a certified dealer warehouse, unload your belongings and place them in a storage safe stacked in the warehouse. This is the additional service we have which makes us the best Home Movers in Trenton, NJ.  Your items will remain stored until you are ready for shipment. We do all the work for you – you just called to coordinate the delivery date.

Own storage
If you have a tight budget or need direct access to your belongings when stored, your own storage (or DIY storage) might be right for you. TRI STATE VAN LINES will bring your goods to your chosen self-storage facility and loading and unloading for you. We can also re-load and ship your items when you are ready to move them.

SMARTBOX, Do-it-Yourself

SMARTBOX is a good choice to help you prepare a home for the market. A comfortable and portable movable container allows you to move messy and thick furniture out of the way to the stage of your home for open houses and potential interested buyers.
Not sure what storage options are right for you? There are no right or wrong choices, and decisions must be based more on which choice is best for your unique situation. If you are looking for the easiest option with the least amount of effort, then the Storage-in-Transit at one of our professional warehouses is the right choice. Storage-in-Transit may be the most expensive, but it will include responsibility for your belongings (if you buy coverage) and will include the cost of loading or shipping your items to your new home. The disadvantage of Storage-in-Transit is that access to your items will be limited, but can be accommodated with prior notice. Because labor and liabilities are involved, there is usually a fee to access your belongings. So, choose us as your storage partner and get the best service of Home Movers in Trenton, NJ.

If you need regular and unscheduled access to your items, then storage alone may be a better option for your storage needs. The main disadvantage of self-storage compared to Storage-in-Transit is its responsibility. When your items are in their own storage, you must get your own protection to ensure your belongings are stored. Another detail to note is that all moving companies will terminate their responsibility for damage after your goods are sent to a self-storage location. This means that you need to carry out a thorough inspection when shipping to your own storage unit before signing any documents from your moving company. You will also be responsible for moving your belongings from a self-storage unit to your new residence, or hiring a local company to help.

Another option for storage is SMARTBOX. For local or intrastate transfers, SMARTBOX can be a good choice, in the middle of the road, between self storage and storage in a professional moving warehouse. SMARTBOX allows you to control the loading and unloading of your items, while also providing safe and secure storage in one of their many warehouse locations. You will find these services only among the best Home Movers in Trenton, NJ.

If you have questions, contact one of our professional moving coordinators at 888-214-6653 and we will be happy to discuss your unique situation and offer advice on which option is most appropriate based on your transfer and storage needs.