What makes a moving company Reliable enough to trust?

When you recruit Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY, it’s important to ensure that you recruit the right team for the job. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who claim to offer quality moving services, but fail when the transfer day arrives. If you recruit a driver, make sure to hire professionals you can trust. At TRI STATE VAN LINES, we offer professional-quality moving services. See our tips for avoiding mobile fraud.

Check License
Make sure that you employ a Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY. Ask to check the license of the transfer company that you recruited. If they do not have an available license number, they are not a legitimate transfer company. On TRI STATE VAN LINES, we proudly display our licenses on our website.

Get Honest Estimates
Some companies that move lower your estimate of movement, only to give a price tag that is much higher on the day of transfer. While it is true that some prices may change on the day of large movements, a shift in the main price is a problem. Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY offers an honest estimate of your move. Best of all, they have no estimated liabilities, which means you can shop before making a choice.

Don’t Pay with Cash
Paying with a credit card helps keep your moving costs trackable. In addition, if you have a problem with your move, you will be able to have proof of what you have paid. Ask for written records of your transfer fees, such as receipts and contracts. Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY provides additional insurance for your move.


Read Reviews
Check online reviews for the Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY that you want to rent. If your drive doesn’t have online reviews, it can mean that the review is not as valid as they say. Take a look at Yelp, Google My Business, and a moving company review website. Also, ask friends and family to see if there are any movers they recommend.

Check the Moving Company Website
Does a moving company have a website? Does the website have regularly updated content? If not, the company might not be as legitimate as they say. At TRI STATE VAN LINES, we have a website with regularly updated information. This includes our articles, which are frequently updated. So, that is why we are the most Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY.

Talk to the company
You can tell a lot about a company that moves from a conversation with that company. Are they slippery on the phone? Are they just telling you what you want to hear? If the driver sounds too good to be true, maybe that is true. In addition, if the company is hesitant to give you detailed information, or if they speak in a strange way, they may be invalid. Trust your guts when you talk to a potentially moving company.

If you are looking for a quality, contact our team. We are Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY and provide reliable customer service all days of week. Whether you move locally, across the country, or around the country, we are here to provide quality mobile solutions. Don’t take the risk of moving to mobile fraud. Contact our team at 888-214-6653.


TRI STATE VAN LINES is a privately owned and operated transfer company that has provided Jersey City; moving services for almost a 50 years. We are not affiliated with other companies or transfer companies. We are proud of our years of experience and dedication in customer service. Our pride and professionalism is reflected in the services we provide and echoes in the testimony of our clients. Our reliability, careful handling, timeliness and courtesy have contributed to our excellent reputation. Years of experience and exemplary reputation ensure good work.

We specialize in local movements in the Jersey City, NJ and the nearby states of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Our drivers are available to help you with apartments, condominiums, or moving houses.

New Jersey State Moving Specialist
We also have special expertise in Moving Heavy Equipment. We provide extra attention and attention needed by the elderly, and help them feel less overwhelmed when moving.

Our State-to-State services include, but are not limited to:

Move items from one place to another
Move items from residence to storage
Move items from residence to other family members
Clean the entire plantation
Clean from the basement and garage
Move furniture in the residence to rearrange

So Call the most Reliable Movers in Rochester, NY. Call us now at 888-214-6653 and we will be there to help you !