6 Tips on Moving Less Stressful

Whether you move to your first place, move together, or move because you expect, moving can be very stressful. Choose TRI STATE VAN LINES because we are the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY. Even in the best case scenario, when you look forward to a new place, moving can be emotional, time-consuming, and even regretful. (Why do you think people move so little?) That’s why we’ve compiled 6 of our favorite tips to make your next step less stressful.

  1. Create a Checklist


From the articles we read (hello!) Until the way we order food, humans like the list. They make things easier. That’s why we strongly recommend starting your move with a checklist. You can find some good checklist suggestions online. Like basic supplies that you have to pack, a list of things to do, or rent a truck. Best Movers in Yonkers, NY can help you and guide you well.

  1. Package During the Day


Between juggling, living and moving, it can be very tempting to leave packing for the past few days. Choosing the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY is important for planning. But if you provide time every day to pack, you will avoid a lot of stress. The longer you start packing, the less you have to pack every day. Most people start packing 1-2 weeks before moving. Two weeks is a good period of time because it means you won’t pack the things you might need before you really move, but will have plenty of time to pack without a last minute rush.

As additional, related tips, start packing things that you don’t use often first. Then move to the things you use sometimes, often, then every day. The things you use very often (phone, wallet, computer) actually have to be packed last and usually have to be stored near you while on the move. This makes it easier to reach it once you are in a new place. So choose a company like TRI STATE VAN LINES who are the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY.


  1. Rent a Moving Truck


Even if you have the coolest period ever, you will likely need more space than you think. Boxes make moving easier, but they also help take up more space. The furniture is always annoying to be installed in the vehicle. Renting a moving truck, or at least a retractable trailer will be very helpful. This means you can avoid the frustration of trying to put items for life in one vehicle. We are the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY and you can rent a truck from TRI STATE VAN LINES.


  1. Make it a pleasant time


Something that has gained popularity recently is “moving parties”. Obviously, this is not something you have to get acquainted with, but this is good for your best friends. Break 6 packages, install good songs, and make a ‘packing party’. Of course, this works, but sharing cash or at least making it a fun party (with lots of pizza afterwards) is a great way to spend time with your friends and get a little help with packing.


Not only does it make packaging easier, it can also help reduce stress a lot and give you the opportunity to have a little fun without giving up responsibility.

So try choosing the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY for packaging.

  1. Rent Moving Services


Of course, one of the easiest ways to move is to simply hire a transfer service. You can hire TRI STATE VAN LINES and become hassle free. We are awarded as the Best Movers in Yonkers, NY. Usually, this kind of service will provide assistance with packaging, move, and move to your new place. It’s always easier to move with services, but they can end up costing a little money depending on what service you use and what kind of service you want.


  1. Take Things You Can Do


If you move to a new home, you can easily start taking over after finishing packing. Best Movers in Yonkers, NY can do it also on your behalf. Once or twice a week, you can bring items to your new home. This means you don’t have to worry about renting a truck, can pack at a very high speed, and dismantle it immediately so that the house is “ready to live” when you are done.


Of course, this is only our 6 tips to make the next step easier. Asking your friends and doing a lot of research can always be very helpful!


So call TRI STATE VAN LINES at 888-214-6653 and get more info.