Avoid Problems while Renting before your next move!

Many homeowners turn to rental homes and apartments because of work or retirement. Some use temporary rent while awaiting completion of construction in their new home or when looking for a house in a new geographical location. TRI STATE VAN LINES as State to State Movers in Buffalo, NY provides moving services from state to state.  Whatever your reason for choosing a residential rental property for your next major transfer, it is important for you to take the time to ensure that the rental is right for you and your family, if any. Too often, homeowners find out after moving that they have chosen a nightmare property. In many cases, real estate agents or owners fail to disclose, accidentally or intentionally, problems with property or the environment. Consider these three overly common rental property issues:

– Serious security issues
Landlords should reveal lead paint before the tenant signs the contract. Unfortunately, some owners held back the information until the last minute and let their new tenants move before entering. After all, how many people have the time or money to go after they bring everything they have from one location to another? Other health and safety issues include leaky ceilings that are hidden by paint, prints inside walls and crawl spaces, wall slits that allow torn fiberglass particles or loose mineral wool insulation into interior air and damaged electrical cables. Some owners also don’t do much to deal with mice carrying diseases and other pests such as termites and cockroaches. We are TRI STATE VAN LINES and always care about the Health and Safety. That is why we are the most recommended State to State Movers in Buffalo, NY.

– loud noise that is annoying
Sometimes owners, property managers, or real estate agents do not warn prospective tenants about noise problems and even arrange to show rent at times when the location is quiet. Potential noise sources include airplanes, trains, road and neighboring traffic jams with exploding car radios, motorbikes or all-terrain vehicles.  You might also have to deal with other noisy types of neighbors. For example, residents of apartments on the first floor are often told not to worry about overhead noise and then find that their apartment does not have sound absorbers and their neighbors have loud parties or children who often run, jump and scream. All these factors are care of by good State to State Movers in Buffalo, NY.

– Inadequate repair solutions
Owners, property managers, or brokers can convince tenants that the maintenance problems seen during the show will be corrected when the tenant moves or not long after. The tenant may not experience other problems with the property, but then the responsible party never repairs. In many cases, the owner or property manager is always available on the day the rent is due but rarely for maintenance calls. If they stop by, they might just do a brief inspection and then act as if the problem isn’t severe enough for immediate repairs. If you choose TRI STATE VAN LINES as your State to State Movers in Buffalo, NY, then we have solution for all these problems.

Don’t Solve Nightmares
Whatever the reason for your move, never sign a lease agreement if you feel that the property owner, manager, or realtor is not honest about the property. You must not enter if you see serious health and safety problems. The best way to avoid headaches in the future is to check the property thoroughly several times at different times before moving. If you are not given this option, look for another place. Also, never let sales tactics affect you. Some people pretend that property is a hot commodity or they don’t care if you spend time because they have other applicants behind you. Always be careful of the property and its owner. Ask to speak with the previous tenants and search for reviews online.

So by choosing a professional State to State Movers in Buffalo, NY such as TRI STATE VAN LINES; can take the hassle out of your move!

It is also best to arrange rentals through real estate and rental property management companies instead of directly using private landlords or through brokers who only help landlords find tenants. Although many private owners do a very good job in managing their property, some only rent as a side hobby and treat their property and tenants as an afterthought. Location is also important. If you move to a remote place that has limited law enforcement.


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